Blurring the Boundaries – Global Capability Centers

How can enterprises streamline their business processes and tap into global talent in a business landscape where changes are happening as we speak? To achieve this, a significant number of multinational ventures have established Global Capability Centers (GCCs), Global Business Services (GBS), and Global In-house Centers (GICs).

Global Capability Center (GCC) are strategic units, offering multiple capabilities and service excellence to centralize as well as optimize business functions. Gone are the days when GCCs were merely seen as a means of cost arbitrage and performing back-office operations. Today, GCCs have experienced a paradigm shift where they are emerging as central hubs for consolidating business functions, fostering innovation, and driving value creation. The GCCS have been metamorphosing over the past few decades, transcending from their traditional shared service models to handle risk, cybersecurity, and compliance functions, repositioning themselves as Centers of Excellence (CoEs).


India proudly hosts a substantial portion, accounting for nearly 50% share of GCCs worldwide(The Economic Times). Given its flexibility and adaptability, the start-up ecosystem has contributed to this influx at large. Among these, Qutrix stands out as a key player, established in the silicon valley of India, with an ethos to redefine quality.

With almost a decade of knowledge in the field, serving satisfied customers world wide (overall customer rating of 9.66/10), Qutrix has perfected a seamless approach to establish GCCs, enabling customers to cut setup time by half. Our tried and tested approach, which includes – understanding, strategically aligning and collaborating, leading to a graceful win-win-win situation for all its stakeholders.



How GCCs serve the parent companies?




Qutrix positions itself as a facilitator of GCC, delivering high-quality work, driving transformation, innovation, and automation. Qutrix’s prime location provides it with access to the country’s diverse talent pool, consisting of both fresh graduates and skilled employees with next-gen technology skills. How Qutrix Serves Its Clients?




Congruence with the parent company – A factor that determines the success of the partnership at large is how strategically the parent organization and the GGC service provider aligns together. At Qutrix, we recognize the significance of this congruence. Understanding not only the goals and expectations of the GCC but also the overarching vision and mission of the parent organization is paramount. At our core, we prioritize our partner’s success as our own. Qutrix’s success is built on its deep understanding of the needs of both parent companies and their customers.

Digitization – In a swiftly changing technological landscape, it’s paramount for companies to continually upgrade their skills. At Qutrix, we’re proactive in this endeavor, by constantly looking at things from a futuristic perspective. Through digitized workflows, we empower our customers to expedite their time-to-market for products and services. This agility not only allows them to quickly respond to market demands but also helps in risk mitigation, positioning them at the forefront of the industry curve.

Automation – To streamline workflows, we automate numerous tasks, reducing effort and errors and boosting efficiency. This enhancement translates to increased productivity, enabling our customers to achieve more in less time and with fewer resources. Recognizing the value of data, analytics, and AI, we harness their power to facilitate better decision-making and improve overall business performance.

Value Creation – Qutrix has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the GCC space, boasting high customer satisfaction rates and low attrition levels. Our commitment to redefining quality adds tremendous value, which ensures that our customers achieve maximum return on their investments. In a competitive world where ethical standards can be compromised, Qutrix places utmost importance on integrity, transparency, and fairness. We highly value our partnerships and prioritize trust and collaboration in all our interactions, fostering long-term relationships built on mutual respect and shared success. For any company to flourish in the market, establishing strong partnerships based on trust and value are the cornerstones.

Innovation & Flexibility – Qutrix remains committed to driving innovation & problem-solving, delivering business-centric solutions through its GCC setups. Our model is designed to be adaptable to the evolving needs of our customers, thereby, enabling customers to adapt to changing market dynamics and drive continuous improvement. Qutrix’s approach encourages experimentation and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

Leadership – The leadership at Qutrix is acquainted and experienced in navigating dynamic business environments and diverse cultures. The employees are continually guided in a direction which provides them with the agility to face challenges and meet the ever-evolving cultural and technical requirements of our customers.. Qutrix’s leadership team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and best practices to ensure the company empowers its teams to push the boundaries of possibility and drive sustainable growth for its clients.

Client-centric Approach – We place a strong emphasis on understanding the needs of its customers and their end-users. This ensures that our solutions are aligned with the business objectives, delivering maximum value to both our customers and their stakeholders. Qutrix’s past engagements showcase its ability to serve customers worldwide, providing agile and strategic solutions that align with their business objectives.

Set-up and Implementation – Qutrix brings a sense of urgency and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our proven model has consistently delivered swift and efficient GCC setups without fail. We prioritize a hassle-free, legally compliant setup process, ensuring our customers experience accelerated time-to-value. With agility at the forefront of our approach, we actively collaborate with our customers, serving as copilots in their business journey.

Talent Recognition – We excel in recognizing the right talent. Our extensive recruitment process makes sure that we not only select candidates with strong technical skills but also those who align with our company culture. We prioritize customer satisfaction by making co-joint hiring decisions based on specific needs. Qutrix has access to a global talent pool and provides training and development programs to help them refine their skills on a regular basis. Our focus on talent management ensures that our customers have the skilled resources, which are the wheels that are needed to drive innovation, growth and success. Where it is sometimes challenging for established enterprises to even retain talent, Qutrix being a start-up boasts XX attrition rate.

With Qutrix at the helm of your GCC, you can rest assured that your organization will experience streamlined operations, enhanced innovation, and accelerated growth. GCC is one of the models that the company offers, along with the BOT, BOC and T&M models. Our company is flexible to customize the clauses of the partnership for a more personalized and responsive collaboration.