Workforce Management Software Purpose Built for Staffing Agencies


Staffatom automates scheduling, time keeping, shift verification, invoicing, credential management & more, working the way agencies
operate and allowing agencies to replace multiple subscriptions and other processes.

Powerful Features To Streamline Staffing Business Operations

Effortless Staff Pairing by Location. Seamlessly Schedule the Nearest Staff to Meet Client Needs.

Handles your billing hassles. Ensure accurate billing according to the actual work hours with automated invoicing.

Effortlessly track, review, and edit staff hours to maintain accurate records that satisfy both your clients and employees.

Efficiently track Staff time-off & availability for harmonious staffing as per the client’s needs.This feature allows you to assign staff appropriately as per the needs of the client and availability of the staff for coherent interaction

Now inspect logs and generate reports with confidence as this feature recognizes your need as a staffing agency and permits you to audit logs and reporting time specified by the staff agents and actuality to guarantee client’s satisfaction.

Assess/ Analyze the complete picture of the Staffing data/ insights on your fingertips. This feature simplifies information for you and organizes it effectively as per your requirements.

Our system simplifies client and staff management, giving total control in your hands by keeping everything in check. One solution to all your client & staff management hassles.

Our built in overtime regulation feature helps you to precisely track, manage and calculate overtime hours for accurate & fair compensation.

Our system is designed in a way that helps you expand your services to multiple locations with ease. Assists you to serve clients in diverse locations with multi geographic support.

Collaborative On-Site Shift Management

Staffatom is workforce management software that better serves the needs of staffing
agencies because it was designed by staffing agency professionals inputting real world "IQ" on what agencies face with staff and clients.









Overcome Workforce & Field Service Management Challenges

Enable Remote Field Staff Workers With Smart App Tracker

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